Contact Hosiery Technology Center

301 Conover Station SE
Conover, NC 28613
Phone: (828) 327-7000 ext 4265


Areas of Services:

Jeff Neuville, Director, ext 4102
Jodi Geis, PPE Lab Manager, ext 4115
Shane Lynch, Physical Testing Lab Manager, ext 4146
Tony Whitener, Special Projects Director, ext 4242
Linda York, Administrative Assistant and General Info, ext 4265

Rodney Sigmon, Prototyping and R&D-Textiles Related, ext 4144
Rick Small, Knitting Technician Training, (336) 963-2832

Kim Sigmon, Physical Testing Lab, ext 4189
Shelisha Rutherford, Physical Testing Lab, ext 4145
Brandi Henderson, Physical Testing Lab, ext 4504
Jill McCann, Fiber Microscopy Testing ext 4520
Vince Jolly, Physical Testing Lab, ext 4029
Kaitlin Sigmon, PPE & Physical Testing, ext 4029

Tanya Wade, PPE/Textile Resource Lab Manager, ext 4052

Seth Setzer, Structural Furniture Testing, ext 4449
Cody Whitener, Structural Furniture Testing, ext 4490

Cheryl Nettesheim, Antimicrobial Testing, ext 4512

Kathy Winters, ISO Coordinator, ext. 4151

Bai Lor, Web Development, ext 4485


301 Conover Station SE, Conover, NC 28613
828-327-7000, ext 4265