Product Improvement 101

We develop products under controlled conditions.  Our center personnel, with over 100 years in manufacturing experiences, enable you to give your customers the very best.  Our center capabilities include high-performance knitting, finishing, and national-acclaimed testing services...all at one place.  No other center in the world can do this.

One Stop.  Multiple Solutions.

research and developmentThe center's team of experienced and talented professionals gives each assignment a critical approach.  What yarns and fiber constructions can be used to upgrade your product? How can sustainability be integrated? What works best for anti-microbial properties? How can new yarns create customer interest and excitement?

With us, your R & D is A & C.

Translated: your research and development initiatives are affordable and complete.

If a customer says "Prove It," we can.

testingThe testing services at the hosiery center have an international reputation for accuracy, and thoroughness.  Specialists identify yarns to determine if they match their claims.  Sometimes they do not.  Durability, moisture management, anti-microbial features, chemical content are verified.

Retailers, brand marketers, and manufacturers are using the HTC testing services.  Sometimes products, notably socks, are not what they are represented to be.  Through the thorough evaluation of center specialists, substandard goods are identified.

Customers of the hosiery center have proof of content and quality.  This assured confidence in established manufacturers.

Experts at every step of the way.

testingIn a competitive global world, business success depends on being first with the best.  Me-too products and marketing strategies are struggling in the marketplace.  Customers are spending money for what fulfills their social agenda or adds to their comfort.  Earth-friendly and performance-driven.

Hosiery and apparel marketers have a ready-made resource to gain a competitive edge.  It's the well-established Hosiery Technology Center within the Manufacturing Solutions Center.  Established almost two decades ago, the center has assembled a team of experts.  This know-how is present at every stage in the creation of a new product or line: fiber and yarn applications, knitting and structure, finishing and performance testing, market opportunities.  All within one organization.

We can determine what meets your aspirations... evaluate what you want and what it will do.  We can redesign your product line and show how you can make it better.  We test the results.  And our experts can determine costs.  We're the one-stop center for your journey to create the best.

What we do assures how you will do.

TestingMarket direction has emerged within the hosiery center services.  International sales personnel are bringing U.S. socks to markets throughout Europe and the Middle East.  The value of the dollar has made exporting a lucrative business.  In recent months, the hosiery sales services has brought millions of dollars in export revenue to U.S. producers.

Domestic markets are promoted year round.  The center has provided leadership to encourage manufacturers to include outdoor retailer shows, the MAGIC show, and athletic specialty shows in their marketing.  The objective is to introduce manufacturers to new sales strategies in a changing environment.

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